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October 10, 2011
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"SHIT!" You screamed as you ran through the hallway of your highschool. You could not be late for this class, especially today.

You ran as fast as you could. You even knocked some people down and jumped over other obstacles that were placed in your way. You managed to reach a slower pace just as the bell rang. You grinned. 'Just in time.' You walked into class and took your seat next to your best friend, Alfred. Your teacher began to take the role. You felt Alfred poke your side. You playfully glared and smacked his hand away. "What do you want?" He smiled his famous, goofy smile of his and whispered, "Yo, [Name]. I hear that the old man is assigning a group project. Want to be my partner?" You giggled and rolled your eyes'. "Duh, who else would I be a partner with?"

"Alfred. [Name]. If you are done with your oh-so important conversation, I would like to start explaining our next assignment." You blushed from embarrassment. "Y-yes sir." Alfred smirked and propped his feet on his desk. "Go for it, bro." The older male glared at Alfred. He looked as if he were in deep thought. You gulped when a devilish grin appeared on his face. "Alright class. Instead of picked your partners like we usually do, I will chose them for you." There was a synchronized groan from the class. Alfreds' icey blue orbs stared straight ahead almost as if he were daring the man to not put the two of you together.

Five more minute passed before he began to pair the class up. There weren't a lot of people so it went along pretty fast. He put Francis, Antonio, and Gilbert. You knew they would be paired up. They always were. It was also convenient for the professor because the class was uneven. The second pair was Alfred and Arthur, the third pair was Kiku and Yao, and finally, you and Ivan. The whole atmosphere seemed to get darker at the mention of the Russians' name. You gulped. You had heard some rumors from gossipers about him. You had never thought them true-until now. You began to doubt yourself. 'What if they were all right? What if I'm in danger?' Your gazed landed on Ivan. He had the most creepiest look on his face. You snapped your gaze to Alfred. His mouth hung open and his skin looked pale. His expression didn't help convince you that Ivan was just misunderstood. "Now class, I want you to move next to your new partners. You will need to go home together and get to know eachother for homework tonight. I expect at least a two page report on your new partner." The bell rang and the class dispearsed. Arthur and Alfred walked out of the class together, Alfred throwing you a sympathetic look before walking out.

You froze when you felt a hand on your shoulder. "Looks like we will be working together, da?" You turned around slowly and looked up at your new partner. You had always liked Ivan, but you never knew how to act infront of him. To be honest, you felt bitter-sweet about working with him. "Uh, y-yea. I guess we will." There was an awkward silence that fell upon the two of you. Though he didn't seem to notice. That same creepy grin he always wore during class was still plastered on his face. You decided to break the cloud of silence and cleared your throat. "So Ivan-" "Braginski." He cut you off. "O-oh. Ok. Ivan Braginski." You could've sworn his smile had grown wider. "I think we should meet up at the public park around six." He frowned. "Hm, six is too late for me. Lets just go back to my place. I have things that need to be taken care of." You didn't want to go anywhere with him, really. That was the whole purpose of suggesting the public park; but you nodded and his smile returned. "Great! Let us go." He grabbed your hand, making you blush, and led you to his home.

You arrived in a familiar neighborhood shortly after leaving the school. You had no idea that Ivan lived so close to you. He stopped infront of a huge, beautiful, white mansion. 'It's gorgeous!' You thought. The sunflowers around it just magnified the beauty that already shone. I was almost too much for you to handle. You were pulled from your thoughts when you heard a thick Russian accent whisper in your ear. "It is very beautiful, da?" It sent chills down your spine. He grabbed your hand and led you up to the sea of sunflowers. For the first time you had been with him, you were not afraid to speak. "So you like sunflowers, Ivan?" He turned to you with the happiest look on his face. You couldn't believe you had never relised  how cute he was. "Da! I love them so much. I don't really know why. They just make me...happy." With that he walked away to go look at more flowers.  You smiled and pulled out a pad and pencil. You jotted down your first note. 'Loves sunflowers.' Your smiled widened. There was no way those rumors were true. He only looks violent and scary. His voice snapped you out of your thoughts. "[Name]! Come look at what I found!" You quickly place your pad and pencil in your purse and walked over to your new friend. You gasped at what you saw next.

It was a baby bird. It hopped around frantically trying to get away. You assumed its wing was broken. Ivan had a worried look on his face. He cupped his gloved hands together and carefully picked the bird up. "[N-Name]...what do we do?" You thought a moment. An idea popped into your head. "Ivan, where is your medical supplies." He looked at you in confusion, but led you inside to his bathroom. He pointed to cubboard. You opened up the doors and took out the first aid kit. "Ok Ivan, I want you to hold him still while I tend to his wounds." He nodded and moved behind you placing you in between his arms. You blushed at the sudden closeness. "U-uh...O-ok. This will only take a second." You take two thin wooden blocks and placed the birds wing inside, making sure to secure it in a white bandage. "Ok, all done." You turned around to face Ivan. Your face turned bright red when you relised that he hadn't moved. He was only inches away from your face.

He was just staring. "Um...Iv-" He placed a finger on your lips to silence you. "Shhhh." You thought your face was going to burst into flames from how red you were getting. "[Name], you have no idea how long I've admired you." Your eyes widened.You alwyas had the feeling that you were being watched in that class, but the last person you'de expect it to be was Ivan. On instinct, you leaned back only to be stopped by his arms. He brought you closer to him and embraced you. "[Name], you have always been so good to me. You've always shown me kindness. That is why I want you to be mine. Always mine, [Name]. I know you feel the same way too. I've seen the way you look at me and I've read a lot of your notes. You feel sorry for me because I look lonely and you want to be the one to bring out the, oh what was it you wrote, inner happy?" You were in total shock. He hit it dead on. You searched for your voice, but nothing came out. "It's ok, [Name]. I love you as well." He traced a line from your neck to your chin with his index finger and tilted your head up. "I-Iva-" His lips cut you off. The kiss was forceful and dominating. You moaned. He smirked and pulled away. "[Name], you will be mine, da?" You nodded your head. He smiled his creepy smile and leaned back down to finish what he had started.

The next day had come and you had finished taking your notes on Ivan. You stood in front of the class with Ivan standing right behind you. You began reading off the bullet points. "Ivan Braginski. Intelligent. Loves sunflowers. Lonely. Misunderstood. Loving. Dominate....great kisser." Everyone gasped at your last comment. Ivan just stood there looking happier than ever. You looked at Alfred. He looked as if he were about to rip Ivans throat out. You knew this relationship was going to strain yours and Alfreds friendship, but what could you do. "You commie bastard! I'll kill you for brain washing, [Name]!!!" You sighed. This was going to be a long day.
Ugh ._. It's so late...FAIL!
Ok, Well, I know I said I would do Male!Ukraine next .___. Buuuuuuuut~I had no idea of what to do for him...soI wrote the next one in line! IVAN! :iconivanbraginskiplz:
Ohhhh, that sexy sexy beast.
Yea, I'm not happy with this one. It could be a lot better and not sound so...rushed...
Anyways! This was a request made by :iconrosespider:
I'm very sorry it turned out like this....PLEASE FORGIVE ME! :iconforgivemeplz:
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Yeah... that is so what would happen... I would totally put that.
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Ivan Braginski. Intelligent. Loves Sunflowers. Lonely. Misunderstood. Loving. Dominate. Great Kisser. :iconprussiaraepfaceplz: And that's how I reacted.. great kisser? RUSSIA, I SAY.. YOUR GONNA BE MINE! *defensive mode* rrrroooww!
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Those were very accurate notes  ^J^ kolkolkol
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"Ivan Braginski. Intelligent. Loves sunflowers. Lonely. Misunderstood. Loving. Dominate....great kisser."
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Also, everyone thinks I am insane, creepy, and violent. Some are brave and tell me upfront. But then I tell them I know where they live and that I am coming to make some cupcakes. Or I will ask if they would like to loose their ears. I don't mean to be like that, but  just am. I feel your pain Ivan -_-. My smil is exactly like his creepy one, and everyone says I have a either creepy or depressing aura! Some are smart and stay away, but I have friends! Who love me for who I am. ALLIES
hedgehogs11 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
spazattackplz russiaplz Americasulkplz OMG OMG I LOVE STORY IT IS PERFECCCTTTT!
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