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August 6, 2012
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Bang Bang Bang

"What the hell is that?"

Romano slowly got up from the couch he was having his siesta on and walked to the door. He was just about to open it when-

Bang Bang Bang

"Lovino! Let me in! I know you took it! Give me my tomato seeds back!"

The Italian stopped himself from opening the door and frowned. It was [Name]. Shit. He really didn't want to deal with this right now. He was missing his siesta because of you. Screw it. He would just tell you he didn't know what he was talking about. Hopefully you would buy it and go bug someone else.

Lovino sighed and turned the knob, opening the door. 'Lets get this over with.'

"What the hell are you going on about, idiota?"

He barely had time to react before you tackled him to the ground, straddling his hips with hands on either side of his head.

"Don't bullshit me, Lovino! I know you took them! I'm not stupid!"

"Don't get your panties all in a wad! I don't know anything about any damn tomato seeds!"

You suddenly became very aware that he was in fact not wearing a shirt. You must have caught him in the middle of one of his sies-nap things. No matter. Your gardening needed tending to and this asshole was preventing it. You would have to use drastic measures. would have to use that.

Your mouth curved into a wicked grin. Oh, this would be fun...

Of course, this didn't go unnoticed. "OI! Razzaga! You really shouldn't smile like that. It's creepy."
You fixed your gaze on his and spoke.

"Oh, Lovi.~ If you don't give me my seeds, I'm going to have to do the unthinkable.~"

The Italians' brows furrowed in a confused manner. What on earth was she talking about...

You grin grew into something almost demonic.

"Spain told me something interesting about you the other day. It had something to do with that curl of yours."

Lovino gulped. No way did that Spainish bastard tell [Name] about that! He wouldn't betray him like that! Right? Ah hell, that lose-mouthed bastard would tell the dead the color of his underwear if they were able to listen...

His worst fears were confirmed when your hand shot up and grabbed his curl, pulling on it roughly.

"A-ah!~" The Italians face grew extremly red and his eyes began to glaze over with that all to familiar feeling.

You simply continued to smile down at him.

"Now Lovi, are you going to give me what I want?"
You pulled once more on his curl and elicted a low growl from him.

You were suddenly caught off-guard when he grabbed your wrist and flipped you both over, him between your legs, faces close.

You saw something in his eyes that you had never seem before, and it excited you.

"Si, bella. I'll give you what you want.~"
Alrighty guys!~ Another request is out of the way! Only Austria, England, and France remain! Then I will start taking more requests! But I will only be taking 5 because taking more than 5 was just overwhelming for me. :iconcryforeverplz:

I'm sorry updates have taken me so long. Writers block is a bitch. :iconmhmmplz:

Well anyways!~ A very special thanks to :iconpurpleflowerribbons: for proofing this for meh! I love you m'w'fe! :iconwinkyplz:

M'kay! I'm going to finish rp-ing with this wonderful fem!Romano(I'm Prussia! I SHIP THEM SO HARD! ARETRYEW) and I'm off to bed! I gotta go get an effing cavity filled.


I do NOT own :

This picture
OR (unfortunatly) Hetalia



ALRIGHT GUYS! Enjoy! Fave and leave a comment! Let me know how I did. I might just turn this into a lemon. :iconharharplz:
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