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August 25, 2011
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"Hey [Name]! Want to come to my house today?" You turned around to see your best friend, Anya, running towards you. You smiled with glee. "Sure! Just let me clean up a bit and we can head back to your place." Anya looked down at your garden and her face lit up. "Oh, [Name], what beautiful sunflowers. May I have a few." You nodded your head. "Ofcourse, Anya. Here, Let me get my clippers." You grabbed them from your belt and grabbed five of the tall flowers. Handing them to your friend, you headed inside. You washed up and changed cloths. You looked in the mirror and nodded in approval. Walking back outside, you grabbed Anyas' hand, and skipped off towards her house.

After much skipping and merriment, you arrived. She led you inside and into her living room. She turned to you. "[Name], I'm going to go find a vase and put these in it. Then, I'll make us some tea." You nodded and sat down. The couch was very comfortable and you were tired from all the gardening you had done. You placed your head on a pillow and kicked your shoes off. You closed your eyes and in no time, you were asleep.

You were pulled out of your dreamless sleep when you felt fingers being run through your hair. You giggled. "Anya, stop it." But the stroaking continued. You let one eye open slowly. Your vision cleared and you saw not Anya, but Nikolai. Anyas' brother. He had silky beige hair and deep, dark blue eyes. His pale, flawless face was stoic. Your eyes shot open and you opened your mouth to scream. He quickly covered it with his hand and whisped in your ear. "Shhhhhh. Don't be afriad, [Name]. I won't hurt you." Even though his soothing voice calmed you down a bit, you were still afraid. You had heard stories from Anya about him being crazy, but you've never witnessed it for yourself. Infact, he only looked scary because he was frowning.

You sat up and he took his hand away from your mouth. Your voice was quiet. "A-are you Nikolai?" You already knew the answer, but you wanted to hear it from him. His voice gave you butterflies. "I am. And you are my dear sisters friend. She told me you were beautiful, but she obviously didn't do you any justice." You blushed. "T-thank you." His face was still emotionless. He took your hand in his and turned your wrist upward. He placed a light kiss on it before getting up and leaving. You sat there dumbfounded. "What just happened?" Seconds later, Anya walked back in holding a tray of tea and snacks. She sat down beside you and poured you and her and cup. She smiled and handed you yours. You thanked her and took it. She noticed the blush on your face. "[Name], are you ok?" She asked. You smiled and nodded. "Yea, just a little hot." In truth, you were freezing. She grinned and took a sip of her tea.

The two of you began to talk and catch up. Two hours later, and you were both holding your sides, laughing. "-and then, he fell in the water!" You wiped a tear from your eye. "Oh Anya, that was amazing." You glanced at the clock and frowned. Anya practically read your mind. "You must go, da?" You sighed and nodded. "Yes, unfortunatly, I do. I had a bunch of fun though. I really missed you Anya. We must do this again." She smiled. "Ofcourse!" She walked you to the door and hugged you. You were begining to walk home when you heard someone call your name. "[Name]!" You turned to see Nikolai walking towards you. "Yes?" He looked down at you, that same frown plastered on his face. "I will walk you home." You gulped. It was more of a statement rather than a suggestion. "O-ok. I kindof live far away, you sure you don't mind?" But he was already walking away towards the direction of your house.

The walk home was silent. You arrived and you turned to face Nikolai. "Well, here's my stop. Thank you for walking me home." You smiled warmly at him, yet he still remained stoic. You start to walk inside and shut the door. Turning around you yelped and jumped back. "O-oh, Nikolai. You scared me." He walked away and began to roam around your house. You didn't mind though. A part of you didn't want him to leave. You followed him and blushed when he stopped infront of your bedroom door. He walked in and turned to face you. "This is where I will be sleeping." You looked at him shocked. "Um, no. This is where I sleep. Your house is about two miles back." He stared at you, making you feel very small. He repeated himself. "This is where I will be sleeping." You sighed. You were starting to figure out why Anya called him crazy. "Fine. Let me go make the couch sleepable." He gave you a quizical look. "Why? You'll be joining me." Your face flushed as he pulled you close and kissed you. He felt your resistance and leaned down to whisper in your ear. "Don't be afraid, [Name]."

The next morning you awoke and found yourself laying next Nikolai. You blushed as the memories slowly flooded your mind. Tears began to form in your eyes as you felt a tinge of regret and shame swirl in your heart. You felt him shift on his side next to you. His arms snaked around your waist and pulled you closer. His head rested on your shoulder and he whispered quietly. "I love you, [Name]." The tears disappeared, but your blush deepened. You smiled and moved back so his chest was against your back. Maybe what happened last night wasn't just a one night fling. Maybe it was the start of something new. With that thought, you drifted back to sleep.
Ok, so this was a trade with :iconwolfwantsred: (formally known as :iconamaya-sato:)
She loves this crazy person. Why? Because she's weird....feh, I totally love him too! :iconiloveitplz:
Anyways, Chelsea, I expect to see mine up here soon :iconnotimpressedplz: and I hope you enjoy this :)
And to all my other watchers, I hope you like this too!
[1]-Anya is Fem!Russia
[2]-Nikolai is Male!Belarus(duh)

Ok, this is a link to my friends' quizzila account(She's EPIC!)
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